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Atom smasher was created by roy thomas and jerry ordway and first appeared in all-star squadron number 25 in 1983. Atom Smasher Black Adam.

Origin of Atom Smasher

Albert Rothstein, also known as Atom-Smasher or  Nuklon, is a dependable but sometimes insecure and indecisive superhero who can increase the size and density of his body by manipulating  his own molecular structure. This ability also makes him invincible and super strong that he can go toe to toe with Black Adam and  Giganta. He was a member of Infinity, Inc, the Conglomerate, the Justice League and the Justice Society of America or the JSA, and he had some colorful lovelife, too.

Created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway, Atom Smasher first appeared in 1983 wearing a Mohawk hairstyle with a striking red suit, and still using the alias of Nuklon. It was also the first appearance of the Infinity Inc, a group composing of Silver Scarab, Fury, Nuklon, Brainwave Jr., Northwind, Jade, and Obsidian. Infinity, Inc. was like Teen Titans but composed mainly of descendants of the old JSA members but were rejected when they applied in the JSA.

His main power is called Atomic dispersal that allows him to increase his size up to 60ft tall or as tall as a 6-storey building according to the 2004 DC Encyclopedia or 200ft according  to the JSA All-stars series of 2010 . He can also increase his mass, strength, stamina and durability proportionately according to his size.  

He can also be bullet-proof at maximum strength, and resist many forms of physical attacks. His muscles and bones actually break and reform as they grow in order to achieve these great heights. He easily defeated most of the JSA members during “Black Reign” saga, but he was still knocked unconscious by Black Adam.

This power was instigated by an exposure to uncontrolled Thorium radiation. There was a time that he can also decrease his density that renders him intangible. His suit was designed by S.T.A.R. Labs and he is also a skillful pilot and mechanic. Albert Rothstein inherited his metahuman powers from his grandfather, Cyclotron, a scientist in the 1940s who was kidnapped by the Ultra-humanite and was subjected to radioactive experiments.  

His father died during the Vietnam war and his mother was a scientist at Cape Canaveral. He  then became a basketball player for the University of Southern California. His godfather is Al Pratt, the Golden Age Atom, would at times bring him to the JSA headquarters, and he raised Albert to become the hero named as Nuklon. Nuklon started his heroic acts with Infinity, Inc. who became a for-hire heroic team under Skyman in Los Angeles.

When Skyman died, he became a member of the New Conglomerate led by Templar. However, Nuklon left the Conglomerate out of fake heroism and fake crises being created by their sponsors. He was later seen as part of the Justice League America or JLA being led by Wonder Woman, and because of his upbeat attitude, he developed a   relationship with Fire during that time. The JLA had many adventures including a battle in space, and they went into hiatus after that.

With his experience with the JLA, he is now a prime candidate for the reconstructed JSA. With the new JSA, He changed his name to Atom Smasher to honor his godfather, he became one of their most powerful members and he has become a brother figure for Damage and Stargirl. Atom Smasher upheld the Atom’s legacy for many years. However, when his mother was murdered by Kobra, he became consumed by vengeance. With the help of Metron of the New Gods, he went back in time of the crash and replaced his mother with a supervillain Extant, saving her mother but intentionally killing the villain.

Atom Smasher Black Adam
Image – DC Comics

When Black Adam reformed and joined the Justice Society, Atom Smasher and Black Adam became close like brothers but this kinship made him realize how dissatisfied he is on the moral limits of the team. Atom Smasher and Black Adam quit the team and killed their enemies, Kobra and the dictator of Kahndaq. Atom Smasher then lead a team of rogue metahumans, including Brain Wave and Northwind, that invaded  Kahndaq and overthrew its oppressive regime. He later fought the JSA in Kahndaq before deciding for an uneasy truce that meant Black Adam and his compatriots could remain in power so long as they never left the country.  

Atom Smasher eventually began to question Adam’s motives. He died while battling the Spectre, but was revived by Black Adam’s lightning, and carried back to JSA headquarters. Atom Smasher had complicated relationships with women during his tenure on the different teams. He had difficult romantic connections with Fury, Wildcat Yolanda Montez, Fire, Stargirl and Giganta. He was later imprisoned for his actions in Kahndaq and was then recruited by Amanda Waller to become a member of the Suicide Squad.

Amanda sent him and the squad to San Francisco to fight Black Adam and the Black Marvel Family, which included Isis, Osiris and Sobek. Despite his phenomenal strength, Atom Smasher lost the fight against his old colleague. Later the Black Marvel Family were killed and Black Adam went on a rampage.  

Atom Smasher was released from the Squad after blackmailing Amanda Waller, and rejoined the JSA. The JSA tracked down Black Adam in Oolong Island and Atom Smasher tried to reason with Black Adam. Atom Smasher tried to deny believing the crimes committed by Black Adam but black Adam confessed to everything including the genocide he did in Bialya. After the conflict, Atom Smasher worked with JSA to find Black Adam but he secretly met him and brought the remains of Isis.

Returning to The Justice Society  When he returned to the JSA, the team was skeptical about him. Nonetheless, Atom Smasher helped in tracking Black Adam and Isis, who stole Captain Marvel’s powers and his throne at the Rock of Eternity. They did not fight but Atom Smasher convinced Black Adam to give up his powers, revive the wizard Shazam and end the 
threat of the Black Marvel Family.

In the Earth-22 Kingdom Come universe, Albert was recruited to become part of Superman’s Justice League. He fought in the Gulag but was killed in the bombing of the United Nations. This was the also debut of the name “Atom Smasher” in comics. In the animated world, Atom Smasher made non-speaking appearances in the Justice League Unlimited series, while, In the DC Extended Universe, portrayed by Noah Centineo, Atom Smasher makes a live-action appearance as a member of the JSA in the Black Adam movie. Lastly, In the Arrowverse, Atom Smasher appeared as a villain from Earth 2 and was portrayed by Adam Copeland.

Atom Smasher Black Adam
Image – DC Comics

Keep in mind that atom smasher is not the same character as the atom people usually mix these characters up because of their abilities the color scheme of their suits and even their logos. The atom is ray palmer who can grow as tall as a small building but his prime ability is to shrink down to the size of an ant, he is basically dc ant man. But atom smasher is an entirely different character he can only grow big and return back to his regular size as far as his origins are concerned he was the grandson of the reluctant super villain cyclotron.

he inherited his meta-human powers from his grandfather, he was always raised to be a hero and
ultimately went on to be called nufon before the jsa he also joined a superhuman team called infinity inc but ever since black adam joined the jsa he and atom smasher formed a strong bond they basically became brothers.

Black adam saw a sort of anger in rotstein for the jsa and he thought of them as half measures so adam used that anger after a while rotstein left the team and helped black adam take kondok back, he became black adam’s right-hand man he committed quite a few crimes serving black adam but ultimately saw where he went wrong so eventually black adam and rotstein went their separate ways and rockstein actually rejoined the jsa.

Power and Abilities of Atom Smasher

His specialty is altering the size and density of his body as a result of exposure to uncontrolled thorium radiation, he can increase his size and grow up to 28 feet tall he is able to do that by increasing the distance between his own atoms.

And what’s great about him is that when he increases his size his physical strength also increases his offense becomes super strong and he can easily resist some solid attacks, as his mass also increases he becomes quite durable in a battle.

Black adam is obviously more powerful than him but adam smasher can certainly hold his own against the former champion of shazam, he can match him blow for blow but another great thing about his powers is that even in his tall state he doesn’t slow down his attacks will be stronger and faster so he would prove to be much more effective in his tall state as compared to mcu’s giant man.

But yeah he does carry a limitation as well. If he tries to grow beyond his size limits then it becomes really tough for him to hold his form the increased mass comes with a great discomfort so he’s at his best when he is about 28 feet tall besides his powers rotstein is also a skilled pilot and mechanic in the dceu. He’d be a much younger version of the character as noah santino was cast for the part so it will be interesting to see how the dceu handles atom smasher.

History of Atom Smasher

Atom Smasher Black Adam
Image – DC Comics

Atom smasher was created by roy thomas and jerry ordway and first appeared in all-star squadron number 25 in 1983. Porm albert rostein he’s actually the god son of al pratt the atom from the golden age and acquires his metahuman powers from his grandfather a reluctant supervillain known as cyclotron. He would start fighting crime under the name nucleon he was often considered a dependable but pretty insecure and indecisive hero with infinity inc not quite as cool as atom smasher but i guess we can’t win a mall and have to start somewhere and albert finally gets his dream and is invited to join the reunited justice society of america under his new name atom smasher.

For years atom smasher cherishes his role in upholding his godfather’s legacy and constantly seeks to prove himself worthy of his golden age idols, especially when many of them become his teammates in the jsa but while he’s looking up to the elder jsa members. He himself is looked up to by the young rookie member star girl.

When albert’s mother is murdered in a plane crash engineered by the terrorist cobra he becomes consumed by vengeance and nearly crushes cobra in his hands before he’s taken down by his teammate jack knight, who convinces him that he shouldn’t taint the memory of his mother by associating with cobra’s murder.

Not long after that fatal crash though albert along with the aid of the new god metron goes back in time and replaces his mother with a weakened villain extent this swap ends up saving his mother’s life but also in turn makes albert a murderer. When captain marvel’s longtime adversary black adam reforms and joins the jsa, he and rostein bump heads a lot and develop a rivalry as al refuses to believe adam has reformed, this would end up turning into a friendship after some time however after black adam justifies albert’s murderous actions towards extent in order to save his mother.

Black adam even says that he thinks of atom smasher as a brother that he never had. Then encouraged by black adam atom smasher grows frustrated with the jsa’s moral boundaries especially when cobra blackmails authorities into allowing him to be released and in a form of protest both albert and black adam quit the jsa after cobra’s escape.

The two would then settle into each other’s personal scores with black adam killing cobra while atom smasher kills the president of black adam’s home country kondak, he would end up leading a team into the country before reaching a truce that as long as black adam and his citizens never leave the country he can remain in power to which atom smasher then remains in the nation for quite some time until eventually he begins to question black adam’s motives.

Atom smasher would end up being killed in jsa number 75 while fighting against spectre but is quickly revived by black adam’s lightning and carried to the jsa headquarters where he’s later put on trial for his actions in contact and pleads guilty to all of them and whilst in jail is approached by the founder of the suicide squad amanda waller.

In 52 he’s seen assembling a new suicide squad under waller’s orders and instructed to fight black adam and unbeknownst to atom smasher himself pushes those around him to overreact they do end up succeeding however but this ends up only starting the beginning of what is dubbed as world war 3 as black adam goes on a murderous rampage.

Atom smasher then decides to join the justice society trying to apprehend black adam but refuses to condemn him in any way not even believing him guilty of genocide. Then later when black adam is robbed of his powers by captain marvel and is about to be plunged to his death atom smasher ends up saving him though no one sees it and he’s just forced to keep the secret that he saved black adam. In the black adam the dark age series atom smasher is shown searching for his former friend who is intent on resurrecting his dead wife isis.

Atom smasher eventually returned back to the jsa during the black adam and isis arc in justice society of america where he asked the team for a second chance at honoring the memory of his godfather to which he does eventually end up joining the team to battle his former friend who’s now robbed captain marvel with his powers as well as the power of the rock of eternity.

In the end he does end up becoming a full member after black adam is defeated but he does disappear for several issues that is until he reappears in jsa all-stars as a victim of a kidnapping, he would then again go on hiatus until the doomsday clock where he would return in the dc universe along with the rest of the justice society of america when dr manhattan inspired by superman undoes the changes that he’d made at the timeline that erased the justice society of america and the legion of superheroes. But atom smasher has also made several other appearances outside of comics.

He has a minor non-speaking appearance in the justice league unlimited animated series, he’s made an appearance in injustice gods among us and an earth 2 version of the character even appears in the flash live-action tv show where he was played by adam copeland but now he’ll be making his way to the big screen as a member of the justice society of america where he will be played by noah centino in the dc universe film black adam.


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2. Is Atom Smasher good or bad?

Atom Smasher is a hero from new earth.

3. Is Atom Smasher and Atom the same person?

No Atom Smasher is not the same character as the Atom.

4. Is Black Adam Shazam’s nemesis?

Black Adam is the nemesis of Shazam.

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