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Avatar: The Way of Water full movie free. Hello and welcome to podcheckreview.com in this episode we’re going to be talking about James Cameron’s Avatar to the way of water starring the most expensive CGI the world can get,

so we are back on Pandora we moved through blue Mists we saw past the flying mountains we know from the earlier film we enter the forest with winged creatures as sunlight Falls and shafts filtered by the thick flora and then Jake Sally or Sam Worthington character opens his mouth and brings us crashing down to earth,

he says the forest of Pandora have many dangers but the biggest danger is that you may grow to love her too much and we are instantly reminded of both the pluses and the minuses of the first avatar.

At that point I wrote the visuals are expectedly eye-popping especially in 3D but couldn’t they have diverted a few more dollars towards the script I’d say the same about Avatar 2 the way of water it is a great theme park ride as a movie though it makes you want to have a long interview with James Cameron about his big psychological shift from muscular action filmmaker to new AG touchy feely Digital World Builder,

now there are many directors who have had a great run of consistently great films Francis Ford Coppola comes to mind between 1972 and 1979 he made the Godfather he made the conversation he made the Godfather Part Two and he made the Magnificent Apocalypse Now which was an IMAX movie before IMAX was invented James Cameron is another he made the Terminator in 1984.

He followed it up with aliens Abyss Terminator 2, Judgment Day wow religious experience if there ever was one and True Lies in 1994 he proved himself a pitiless manipulator of our senses he made the action sing like poetry and then something happened, he met the Titanic and though the disaster sequences were epic.

The Love Story exposed his weaknesses in dramatic writing he’s never really recovered for all the complicated CGI work in Avatar 2 there isn’t a single suspenseful sequence like the one in say aliens where the secondary Viva character enters the lair of the mother alien there you held your breath here you just keep thinking that it’s also breathtaking.

The story of Avatar 2 makes little practical sense for a former Marine Jake Sally does not seem to anticipate the return of the villains from part one he does not equip his tribe with weapons or training and anticipation of that possibility when he goes into hiding with a colony of sea people this is when the screen turns into a gorgeous aquarium he does not seem to realize that he is bringing his War to these Innocents there are two action scenes with identical events of kids being captured

though I must say that the second action sequence is brilliantly short cgi’d and edited it’s a long long stretch and it is the one place where we see flashes of the genius James Cameron used to be, now based on the Avatar films Cameron asserting a Visionary he is taking movie technology to new places and future filmmakers will no doubt owe a big debt to Cameron’s effort

but in the present while inside the IMAX theater all I could think was this my eyes are being entertained my heart and mind not so much actors like Kate Winslet and Sydney Weaver are given little to do there are quite a few subplots with immense possibility for emotion the troubled relationship between a father and a son the Eco bonding of a young girl with nature or the wonderfully strange friendship between a boy and a whale-like creature

but none of this is developed and when a major character dies at the end it feels like an extension of a theme park ride rather than a shattering loss think of the mother child bond that animated aliens or the father-son shadow that loomed over Terminator 2 Judgment Day no actually it’s better not to think about all that

still the answer to the should you watch it question is a no-brainer you should and on the biggest possible screen but for hardcore James Cameron fans you should also be prepared for confirmation that one of the greatest pure action filmmakers of all time has been snatched away from us and that’s it about Avatar to the way of water download.

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