Devil in Ohio Netflix Series Review

Devil in Ohio When a psychiatrist shelters a mysterious cult escapee her world is turned upside down as the girl’s arrival threatens to tear her own family apart.

This series is rated tv mature you have a little profanity in there violence and it does kind of lean towards families maybe more so than you’re used to for tv mature, but that is the rating may not be one for young kids.

We start with our young character in Jules who comes home from school she finds this weird girl sitting in her kitchen, her mom reveals that Mae is one of her patients at the hospital and she’s going to be staying with her family for the next few days weeks turns into maybe a month or so because Mae comes from a place that no
one really knows about.

At first she has to speek mark on her back that we don’t get to see as an audience until a little bit later when that’s revealed to us that’s kind of a shock factor and there are numerous shock factors in this show at least what they’re going for and it turns into someone staying with the family that the mother is okay with because she’s just trying to protect this young girl but the rest of the family when they start to question the things going on around this house not only with our character of mae but some other weird or terrifying or violent events happening around them.

And it all seems to happen when Mae shows up, that’s a great concept and episode one starts out. I’m trying to get a feel for the vibe right it’s something that’s trying to be dark with the backstory for this young girl but at the same time kind of getting some teenage melo drama we’re getting a little bit of that cw-ish dialogue mixed in with this really dark story going on in the background.

And i personally didn’t feel like that was meshing together too well i’m thinking to myself oh well if you’re a horror fan you’re going to go into this for the concept and you’re going to hope you get some scares or some thrills out of it and they are there but, they’re often overshadowed by the ridiculousness of the rest of the script and the numerous subplots that try to come in and take over what we care about most right.

We’re here for mae and mae is really good i actually think a couple of these lead performances are great. We’ll get into supporting characters here in just a bit but when you’re talking about whenever she’s on screen especially with Emily Deschanel Suzanne who is just trying to be this loving motherly figure and everyone else at first okay she can stay, she can come in, she can take some of our daughter’s clothes and her bedroom and her friends and she kind of starts to take over that middle daughter’s role.

She doesn’t like it very much and then others start to see this begin to take shape and take form but at the same time you’re rooting for Mae because Mae comes from a place and a group of people and i don’t want to dive too deep into that in this non-spoiler review but that’s a place that you don’t want to be that’s a place you want to escape from and because she’s so likable in the first few episodes you’re on board with her not only surviving through this crazy situation but kind of finding this new family and that was nice that was sweet.

But again that’s a story line whenever it’s the clear focus of what is happening i’m into it i’m interested and let’s go but then you have all of these other things you have the youngest daughter and exploring her talents one of them being singing there was a subplot there that okay it’s nice but it’s kind of taken away from the
story that we’re telling.

And then you have the father and everything going on with this property that he owns and he’s struggling having a hard time right now he’ll go to the bar and someone will flirt with him and he’ll refrain from that situation but you know he’s in a bad place a bad state emotionally, okay well that sounds interesting right but when you start to give us too much of that you’re taking away from what we care about most.

And there were four to five stories like that the worst ones being when you’re in the school you’re focusing on the teenagers the kids their relationships i thought some of the dialogue between the kids was just not very good, it just sounded like adults writing a script they don’t know how kids actually talk to each other and so this is what they write and that’s how they interact in the show and i’m like it just feels unnatural inauthentic and i just could not quite get behind those scenes in those moments because it didn’t flow with the horrific themes of the show and those themes are really entertaining.

And then the final point the red flags like this girl brings so many red flags in the first few episodes and yeah people are hesitant right but no one really starts to push her away until later on in the series, prior to that you know you see the big symbol on her back it’s weird at first but it’s like guys voodoo dolls yeah if we love voodoo doll she’s talking like she comes from a civilization sure that’s fine and it’s fine if it’s just someone that you’re helping.

But you’re bringing her into your home and these weird things like the birds flying into the window and that that probably doesn’t happen if the girl’s not there you’re not putting two and two together it’s pretty simple get her out of here you know i like her get her out of here.

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1. Was the devil in Ohio based on a true story?

No Devil of Ohio is completely fictional story.

2. How many episodes does Devil in Ohio have?

There are total 8 episodes in Devil in Ohio series.

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