History And Powers Of Wonder Man

Wonder man was created by marvel legends Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Don Heck and first appeared in the avengers number 9 in 1964.

Comic Book History Of Wonder Man

Simon williams is the son of a rich industrialist and owner of Williams innovations Sanford Williams, on the advice of his brother simon would try to embezzle funds from Tony Stark’s company, but is caught and put in jail. Someone would then blame Stark for his misfortunes and accept a proposition from beren zemo to be used as a pawn to infiltrate the avengers.

Simon would then agree and is transformed into an ion powered superhuman named Wonder Man. He’s then sent to meet and join the avengers with instructions to betray them at a critical moment so that the masters of evil led by baron Zemo can destroy the super team. And in order to ensure his loyalty Wonder Man is informed by Zemo that his body now requires periodic doses of a serum in order to survive.

The avengers are then lured into a trap and captured however the plan fails when wonder man decides to save the avengers and help them fight zemo instead, after the battle however he would enter a catatonic state and thought to be dead by many but he studied by Hank Pym in hopes to one day revive him. Simon’s brother would then become so upset at the idea of his brother’s death and then blame the avengers and even take up the moniker of the Grim Reaper, he would then steal simon’s body and try to attack the avengers several times.

Wonder man would remain in his suspended animation for years and it’s during this period that ultron is activated and steals the brain patterns recorded by the avengers of wonder man to eventually create vision, however this would not come to be and vision would actually be built from another hero the original human torch, and also during his suspended animation years wonder man would also be used as a pawn on three separate occasions all of which were to be used as a weapon against the avengers whether dead or alive.

After the third occasion however wonder man would be restored to true life and chooses to remain with the avengers and aid them against atuma and doctor doom, he would also go on to fight vision and soon after defeats the Grim Reaper aka his brother who was intent on destroying the vision as he was an artificial and a mockery to his brother.

Wonder man at this point is then revealed to have become a being of ionic energy and eventually joins the avengers in a full-time capacity and even becomes close friends with beasts from the X-Men. As a downside to his resurrection however he would also suffer from slight claustrophobia and fear of dying in battle as he did before. He would eventually overcome this fear of death during a final battle with korvac which is an excellent story in marvel comics and i highly recommend reading.

Wonder man would then go on to develop an interest in acting and even star in minor roles before moving to Hollywood, where hercules uses his contacts to establish wonder man’s career and he would even go on to work as a stuntman for quite some time. Also while in hollywood Wonder Man would help form the west coast avengers and with his newfound confidence begins to become arrogant and develops a rivalry with iron man, but eventually sees the errors of his ways after a brutal battle with the abomination.

And once his acting career begins to take off Wonder Man eventually accepts the vision as his brother, but there is a setback when vision is dismantled and then rebuilt as an emotional machine by the global conglomerate, it’s then that vision’s wife the Scarlet Witch asks wonder man to revive his brain waves once again in order to rebuild the foundational personality matrix of the original vision, but wonder man refuses having feelings for her himself.

History And Powers Of Wonder Man

When the west coast avengers disbands after a dispute wonder man becomes a founding member of a successor group called Force Works, but unfortunately he’s disintegrated an explosion during their first mission, though just a few months later Scarlet Witch would accidentally resurrect him in his ionic form and then several months after that Scarlet Witch is actually able to fully revive wonder man and he now exists in an independent more human form and the two would start become romantically involved.

But their affair ends during the Kang Dynasty saga due to Scarlet Witch’s remaining feelings for vision during civil war.

Wonder man is blackmailed into working for shield and being on the pro-registration side to which he creates several messages to educate the public and unregister superhumans about the superhuman registration act. Then following the events of Secret Invasion Norman Osborne created a new team of avengers, effectively retiring wonder man during the dark rain storyline.

He would later appear on television lamenting his tenure as an avenger claiming it was all a waste of time and that using his violence to uphold justice had caused nothing but heartache and death, he would end his speech by sadly admitting that having Osborne in charge is exactly what the country deserves. After this he would end up being imprisoned as a member of the New Lethal Legion, this is a group that opposes Norman Osborne but it was later revealed that wonder man only joined in order to keep them from hurting innocent people.

Wonder man would then go on to put together the Revengers a team of super powered people to stop the Avengers because they believe they do more harm than good. Blaming the Avengers for Ultron’s Existence the damage caused by Scarlet Witch in the hulk civil war and Osborne’s dark Avengers. His team is even able to defeat the new avengers in a very quick attack on the mansion before it moves to attack avengers tower. Although iron man would manage to trap him in a prison specifically designed to contain his ionic energy but wonder man is still successful in spreading doubt amongst the population about the merits of the avengers.

Some time later wonder man would appear to Captain America and even tell him that he feels sorry for his past actions at least trying to redeem himself, but before he can accept help from the avengers he’s attacked by the Red Hulk, he manages to take him down and looks at the avengers tower claiming that he will one day earn his way back.

He would eventually join the fight against the celestial executioner and even play a pivotal role in the final battle where he would allow Rogue to absorb him and give the power to oppose the celestial, but his essence would remain within Rogue, these powers would eventually be expelled from Rogue but wonder man’s consciousness would still remain within her mind.

Rogue would eventually go on to kiss Deadpool and wonder man would actually end up being expelled from her mind as a result of Deadpool’s healing factor kind of acting like a circuit breaker that enabled wonder man to escape from rogue’s body.

During the secret empire storyline Wonder Man appears as a member of the underground which is a resistance movement against Hydra ever since they took over the united states. Now Wonder Man would also appear in plenty of places outside of comics including video games with his biggest appearances coming in marvel ultimate alliance 2 and ultimate marvel vs capcom number 3.

He would also even appear in animation such as the avengers earth’s mightiest heroes where he would be voiced by phil lamar but has more recently appeared in modoc series where he was voiced by Nathan Fillion which coincidentally filian was actually supposed to play Wonder Man in guardians of the galaxy vol 2, though his scenes were cut but it’s still rumored that he may be returning in the mcu possibly with his own series that whether filian will return or another actor will take the reigns is yet to be seen.

Powers Of Wonder Man

History And Powers Of Wonder Man

Now as i mentioned earlier simon williams gained his superhuman powers due to a chemical and radiation treatments with ionic energy by Baron Zemo, and it’s here that he would gain his Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina, Durability, Agility and Reflexes.

He would even be noted as having extraordinary strength that even surpassed expectations and rivaled thor and even century and in the beginning years williams sometimes wore an ionic energy power apparatus which allowed him to simulate flight, however over the course of his career he would gain true flight as well as being able to manipulate his own ionic energies including emitting force or flame beams with his hands and eyes.


1. What is Wonder Man’s powers?

Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina, Durability, Agility and Reflexes.

2. Is Wonder Man a hero or villain?

Wonder Man is a Hero

3. How Strong Is Wonder Man?

Wonder Man holds superhuman strength and he can lift 95 tons with his superhuman strength.

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