How much can Superman lift?

How much can Superman lift. Superman can lift two billion tons with his normal strength, but when he’s super-charged, he can lift at least 200 quintillion tons.

Is Superman the most powerful hero

I do think Superman is the most powerful superhero ever that’s right, I think Superman is the most powerful superhero ever.

Whether we’re talking heroes in DC Marvel or anything else I even think he can be Goku you heard me correctly I think Superman can be Goku which is like one of the most controversial battles on the internet right now.

But now some of you were like ok you think Superman is the most powerful / strongest superhero but why and How much can Superman lift.

The first thing I’m going to talk about is the several times Superman showed us why his name is frickin Superman. One time in order to test his limits of strength he placed himself inside a machine that duplicated the weight of the earth, that’s 5.97 sextillion tons in case you were wondering.

He then proceeded to bench press the weight for five days straight what are the results you’re asking he literally dropped a single drop of sweat because he was away from the Yellow Sun for those five days so his powers were diminishing.

How much can Superman lift
Image – DC Comics

Superman also once held a miniature black hole in his mother frickin hand, some crazy scientists managed to contain a small black hole within a magnetic containment device which I started to come apart by the time the Justice League got their hands on it.

So to prevent the entire solar system from being sucked in Superman just wrapped his hand around it, layman’s terms he was able to hold something that can suck the entire solar system in that’s insane.

He even sealed tears in space and time with his heat vision, there was a tear in reality caused by an ancient deity so Superman just sealed those tears with his heat vision. He also survived the detonation of a Sun eater that was filled with red sun radiation this feat of power is really because the sun-eater was filled with red Sun radiation which Rob’s him of his powers.

How much red Sun radiation was inside this thing well it eats entire suns, so I guess a whole heck of a lot, besides some of his awesome feats over the years let me give you a brief power breakdown of the Man of Steel.

He has super speed coming in just a little bit slower than the flash, super strength which has been depicted as essentially limitless in the comics, also he has super agility he could fly in as heat vision and frost breath amongst other powers like having enhanced senses like hearing, eyesight almost impenetrable steel like skin and the list goes on.

Superman weaknesses

We all know that Super Man is very powerful and How much can Superman lift, but every superheroes have some weaknesses that’s why super man also got some weakness besides that How much can Superman lift.

How much can Superman lift
Image – DC Comics

9. Nukes

So just like nukes are a pretty big deal to humans if you launched one right out of kryptonian you can hold them off probably for a little while.

We see this happen in batman vs superman and it takes inspiration from the dark knight returns by Frank Miller.

In the graphic novel we see superman go after a nuke and after he gets a little too close for comfort he withers up like an old apple all that radiation gets to him.

8. Red Sun Radiation

While our sun can certainly recharge the man of steel back into punch mode red sun radiation can do the opposite of heal it can damage Kryptonians because it gives off more radiation.

So in superman war of the supermen we see a red sun instantly start to weaken and suffocate superman and super girl. It’s because red sun radiation replaces the yellow solar energy in superman’s cells eliminating his powers.

Red sunlight was actually the main source of solar energy near krypton, but Clark spent so much time around our sun on this planet that it clearly works better for him.

7. High Pitched Noises

You ever accidentally scrape your fork against the plate and that high-pitched squeal that comes from it makes your spine wanna like pop out the back of your neck.

Well even superman gets weak when he hears high-pitched noises like that as well, now of course they’re much louder than just a fork see his super hearing makes Black Canary and Silver Banshee a nightmare for him because they can get pretty loud.
So batman tries this out against clark and batman vs superman as well and for a moment or two it actually works on holding him back.

6. Magic

Superman can probably take a thousand volts to the body and then walk away like it’s no problem.

Magic can indeed hurt superman his biomatrix is a powerful asset but the strength in it can be used against him, specifically in the form of radiation that’s found in magical energies.

Electromagnetic or extra dimensional signatures disrupt his force field weakening him of course.

Now it depends what kind of magic is being used and how much of it is being shot out at him but magic in general has unpredictable effects on him and his magical enemies have often been the ones that are the most dangerous or come out on top at least for a little bit.

5. The Black Tide

In action comics issue 788 superman is in a world where the air is filled with fire and a force called the black tide this mysterious force causes superman’s chai flow to be disrupted.

So he suffers in fatigue and pain until he gets a nice acupuncture appointment, in the very next issue we see clark getting back on his feet with a few well-placed needles.

4. Love

How much can Superman lift
Image – DC Comics

Yeah of course i said it when it comes to weaknesses some would say that it’s just the thing you love most used against you.

Now this of course has come to light in many comics movies tv shows it’s not necessarily new the whole damsel in distress thing of course it’s gonna work where in order to keep superman to bend at your will you just gotta get lois lane or martha in your custody and then you can get superman to go and fist fight batman.

In batman vs superman we see barry allen pop in from the speed force to let bruce know that lois lane is the key what key what was he talking about, well that plus the nightmare sequence it was apparent in that film that she was the key in preventing the man of steel from going evil and causing this world to look like chaos.

3. Lead

Superman is the best at playing hide and seek he can see through walls so no matter where you’re hiding odds are he’s already found you if he’s looking for you.

But if you were to hide behind a lead wall you just may win that game of hide-and-seek against kryptonian.

He has vision that matches the properties of x-ray they call it x-ray vision but the thing is x-rays don’t work with lead that’s why when you get an x-ray done at the dentist they slap that bulletproof vest on you then they like plug their ears and run out of the room it’s because that’s lead that’s a no-go in thehashtag x-ray life.

So it could actually help superman out a bit though see as lead can block out kryptonite radiation so it’s you know it can kind of help superman but it can also be used against him.

2. Psionics

Kryptonians are vulnerable to psychic and telekinetic attacks, superman may be stronger than most things in existence his mind is still just as capable of being brainwashed like most of us.

He’s vulnerable to magic so when it comes to psionic attacks those tend to work against the man of steel in a similar manner. Telekinesis can attack superman’s molecular structure, so when the damage is on a microscopic level it’s hard to overcome and pinpoint.

The green lantern ship at one point took over the kryptonian’s mind and issue ten of injustice gods among us year two, he’s small but mighty.

1. Kryptonite

Since the final days of krypton its remains were now deemed radioactive after the whole explosion thing and parts of kryptonite were now floating around in space.

This crystalline substance has a specific radioactive wavelength that’s lethal to those who are native to its reality. The most common form is the type we see in batman vs superman it’s called bright green kryptonite and it’s poison to Carl l.

In the comic batman and superman issue 44 he gets a blast of kryptonite shards to the face and it does not look pleasant in any manner.

Can Superman lift Mjolnir

How much can Superman lift
Image – Marvel DC Comics

Can Superman lift Mjolnir, is the Superman worthy.

So first we got just the fact that Superman has technically lit ammonia, then secondly in the actual comic Odin a temper that lifted the worthiness enchantment because its sense that the hammer was in good hands with the Man of Steel.

First let’s take a look at what determine someone’s worthiness, well Odin is actually the one who determines a person’s worthiness, this is a Norse God.

He looks for things that a Viking considers to be worthy or noble this is still really broad topic them so I picked up a few traits that all notable people that have Ludum you know throughout the years have demonstrated.

The person must be honorable think of others before themselves be very powerful and yet be humble as well it’s also possible that some sort of abilities a factor that’s not a definite one. So far things are looking pretty good for superman, he’s deadly very powerful, he’s extremely humbled and pretty much always thinks of others before himself.

However that wasn’t the only quality that it takes to lift the hammer you also must practice a warrior lifestyle and be willing to kill, in this right here a super Superman it loses it.

Clark doesn’t want Warriors life style and he will not kill no matter what.

Which the Viking would seem ridiculous and then a whole other point and the Vikings considered death and battle to be the highest honor and giving someone a good death also often sends them to Valhalla and makes them a hero to their people.

Now because Clark doesn’t kill loving them live he continually denies on the right to join their comrades we’re ancestors and Valhalla and we’re seeing the great honor of dying in battle.


1. What is the max Superman can lift?

Superman can lift two billion tons with his normal strength, but when he’s super-charged, he can lift at least 200 quintillion tons.

2. Did Superman lifts 200 quintillion tons?

Yes, when he’s super-charged, he can lift at least 200 quintillion tons.

3. Can Superman lift Thor’s hammer?

Yes, Superman is capable of lift Thor’s hammer.

4. Can Superman lift sun?

To prevent the entire solar system from being sucked in. Superman just wrapped his hand around it, layman’s terms he was able to hold something that can suck the entire solar system in that’s insane.

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