Is Black Adam stronger than Shazam? | Who is stronger Black Adam or Shazam

Is Black Adam stronger than Shazam? Black adam holds and harnesses all the powers of the egyptian gods and shazam owns and harnesses all the powers of the greek gods so there’s definitely a track record we can follow through the comic books and it’s pretty directly equal like power wise they’re the same. So the question is Is black adam stronger than shazam.

Now before jump into Is black adam stronger than shazam. we need to know the powers, abilities, strengths and weaknesses of these two DCEU legends.

Who is Black Adam?

Is Black Adam stronger than Shazam?
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Named teth adam he was an ancient egyptian slave who received the powers of the wizard shazam. As the mighty champion he became the great protector of his nation conduct. He even forged a relationship with the wizard nabu so that’s how he could be connected to dr fate in the coming movie.

Anyway when vandal savage and a villain named aktan destroyed kanduk adam just couldn’t control himself he went on a rampage which forced the villain to imprison him for a millennia but in the present day his tomb gets rediscovered and he rises to wreck all sorts of havoc it will be interesting to see what alterations will be made to adam’s origin and his story but for now let’s tilt towards his abilities.

When his adversary billy batson yells shazam he gets imbued with the wisdom of solomon, the strength of hercules, the stamina of atlas, the power of zeus, the courage of achilles and the speed of the greek god mercury. As you may have noticed the initials of all these gods formed the word shazam.

But for black adam the meaning of shazam is different, he was powered by these abilities from the greek gods in the past but unlike billy he didn’t call upon the greek gods anymore, instead he gets his powers from the gods of egyptian myth. And now we’re going to learn about his powers that are granted to him by these deities.

Powers of Black Adam or Power sources of Balck Adam

1. Superhuman stamina and invulnerability

Starting with s the first egyptian god that grants adam a couple of his abilities is shu. He is the egyptian god of air and light and he gives adam his incredible stamina and invulnerability so adam’s highly advanced musculature produces almost no fatigue toxins which allows him limitless physical stamina during battles. Really black adam can go on and on in any fight and what’s crazy is that his self sustenance and invulnerability allow him to survive without food water or any other things of necessities.

2. Super speed

Hero aka the egyptian god of the sky horus grants adam unmatchable super speed with that kind of swiftness come superhero reflexes and agility adam’s balance and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels and thanks to horus adam is able to fly and navigate through the sky bar resisting the planet’s gravity so really it could be extremely tough to land an attack on him and even if someone does it won’t really affect him because of his invulnerability durability.

3. Superhuman strength

The king of egyptian gods a moon grants him tremendous physical strength with his power adam is able to lift tanks with ease and he is certainly able to go toe-to-toe with someone as strong as superman. More than shazam versus black adam i’d like to witness a battle between black adam and superman because adam really has the strength to decimate the man of steel.

4. Wisdom

The egyptian god of learning zahudi grants him with great intellect and knowledge and along with that he also gets enhanced senses his sight hearing and smile are far greater than any normal human so he can actually track his enemies across vast distances.

5. Lightning abilities

Aten who is an aspect of egyptian sun god raw empowers black adam with his lightning abilities. Thanks to the light of adam. Black adam is able to manipulate the magical lightning that fuels his power. He can summon thunder strikes and lightning bolts. He can form an electric shield around himself and he can project bolts of powerful arcane lightning from any part of his body. It would be amazing to have him on a team because he can also recharge the powers of someone like flash after his energy gets depleted.

6. Courage of mehen

Manthu aka egyptian snake god mehem grants black adam with his unshakeable resilience and courage. He can take extremely lethal hits without sustaining any harm and even if he does get hit by someone as strong as shazam or superman he has accelerated healing to counter that. In the comics he once healed his jaw when it was broken by ultraman. So really there is no beating black adam to top it all off. He also doesn’t age in his empowered state, he is immortal.

7. Magical spells

As the wielder of the power from gods of egypt he can use various spells in battles or for other purposes. Now he isn’t as proficient as someone like Dr fate or marvel’s doctor strange. But things become very convenient for him for instance he used the blood of a magical creature in order to gain insight on where billy batson was located in the magic lands. His mystical ability is what gives him an edge over. His adversaries like shazam and superman. His power levels are said to be way above shazam. He parallels superman and his strength but superman also carries a weakness against magic. So i’d say that he really wouldn’t stand a chance against black adam.

Weakness of Black Adam

Black Adam’s greatest weakness is most likely Theth-Adam. At the point when he isn’t changed into Black Adam, Theth-Adam is a basic human with no godlike capacities. Assuming he is some way or another kept from changing or got off guard, could be handily taken out in his human adjust self image structure.

Who is Shazam?

Is Black Adam stronger than Shazam?

Billy Batson was just a simple young boy until he found his way into a mysterious ancient temple. He was then granted his abilities by the ancient wizard Shazam and Billy Batson was told by the old man that he had been chosen to be the next champion of mankind by simply speaking the Wizards name which is actually an acronym of six legendary figures that each grant him a different ability.

More on that later he is then struck by lightning and transformed into the super powered entity Captain Marvel Fuzzy’s known in modern times Shazam. This also changes Batson from our young boy into a muscle-bound fully grown adult which is pretty odd but also kind of sweet in its own way.

Powers of Shazam or strengths and abilities of Shazam

Remember each of the letters of Shazam stood for a legendary figure. Well it is from these figures that Batson pulls his strengths and abilities.

1. S stands for Solomon from which he gets the power of wisdom this grants him abilities such as clairvoyance, superhuman intellect and the ability to speak and understand basically every language known to man both living and dead.

2. H stands for Hercules which obviously grants him immense strength when powered up Batson is actually so strong that he has stood toe-to-toe with Superman on numerous occasions.

3. The first A stands for Atlas which brings with it atlases stamina this grants Batson nearly infinite endurance as well as making it so that Batson does not need to eat sleep or even really breathe while powered up.

4. Z stands for Zeus granting Batson magical powers such as the ability to hurl lightning bolts at opponents. It also gives him accelerated healing which makes them kind of tough to take down.

5. The second A stands for the courage of Achilles which I guess it’s pretty easy to be courageous when you’re granted nigh on invincibility by the power of this mythical hero making Batson immune to all types of physical damage yet again putting him on par with Superman.

6. And finally M stands for Mercury which brings with it the speed of the Roman god granting Batson superhuman speed and of course flight. So in a lot of ways you could argue that he’s Superman only he can throw lightning bolts and speak every language ever created which kind of makes him a little overpowered if not for.

Weaknesses of Shazam

While Shazam does indeed have some pretty potent strengths and abilities all good heroes have some way to take them down. Shazam despite being a being who is infused with magical abilities is actually weak to magic at least he’s weak to strong magics such as that wielded by characters such as The Spectre.

It’s also worth noting that since Billy Batson is required to actually say a specific phrase to power up all an enemy really has to do is stop him from doing so.

So you know shutting him up duct tape a hand even a sock covering his mouth would be enough to stifle his powers of course if he does manage to say the phrase and power up all the bad guy would then have to do is hit him with a powerful enough burst of electricity which would cause him to die’ power transforming back into a kid. So basically if you want to take out Shazam either get him when he’s a kid or become a powerful wizard the choice is really up to you.

Is Black Adam Stronger Than Shazam?

Black adam eventually has the edge because he has the experience over shazam being a kid in a powerful body and black adam just has the willingness to kill. We’ll definitely have more to talk about once the black adam movie is out but for right now according to the comic books i’m gonna have to give this one to black adam. Black Adam wins.


1. Is black adam stronger than Superman?

There is no conclusive confirmation that Black Adam is more stronger than Superman.

2. Is shazam stronger than superman?

Superman strength is obviously boundless and possible more prominent than Shazam.

3. Is black adam stronger than darkseid?

Darkseid has the capacity of clairvoyance, supernatural power, mind control, energy control, super endurance, psionic ownership, size control, etc. In this way, more or less, Black Adam is no counterpart for Darkseid.

4. Does black adam say shazam?

At the point when Teth-Adam talked the name “Shazam,” rather than acquiring the wizard’s powers, he was honored with the force of six Egyptian divine beings: Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton and Mehen. Accordingly, however Adam talks the name “Shazam,” he doesn’t draw power from the wizard.

5. Who is more powerful than Shazam?

Superman is more powerful than Shazam.

6. Are Black Adam and Shazam equal?

Essentially, despite the fact that the divinities might change, Black Adam’s capacities are the very same as Shazam’s. He can fly, has super strength, is unbelievably sturdy, is very quick, can project enchanted lightning strikes and can call upon a tremendous measure of information, among others.

7. Is Shazam immortal?

Shazam must be his capacity to not age. That doesn’t mean Billy himself can’t age, only his Shazam structure. So as Billy Batson ages regularly, the body he gets from his Shazam power will continue as before age for eternity.

8. Who gave Black Adam his powers?

Black adam holds and harnesses all the powers from the egyptian gods.

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