Is Deadpool Marvel or DC

Is Deadpool Marvel or DC, Deadpool is a Marvel hero, not a DC hero. He is a fictional character published by Marvel Comics. And Deadpool Movies don’t have any connection to either the MCU or the DCEU.

History of Deadpool

Deadpool was created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Ich cezzah and made his first appearance in New Mutants issue 98 in February of 1991.

Rob Liefeld showed his new character to then writer Fabina Cezzah, when Fabian saw the costume design and heard what the characteristics were being a killer having super agility Fabian sets Liefeld this is pretty much just Deathstroke from the Teen Titans.

So Fabian gave deadpool the real name of Wade Wilson as an inside joke as Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson.

In Deadpool’s first appearance he was hired by Tolliver to attack cable and the New Mutants after subsequently appearing in x-force as a reoccurring character.

Deadpool began making guest appearances and a number of different Marvel comics such as Avengers, Daredevil and Heroes for Hire. In 1993 the Deadpool received his own miniseries titled the Circle Chase written by Fabian Nicieza and penciled by Joe Madureira.

It was a relative success and Deadpool starred in a second self-titled miniseries written in 1994 by Mark Waid, then in 1997 Deadpool was finally given his own ongoing title initially written by Joe Kelly with newcomer artist at the time ED McGinnis.

This series established deadpool supporting cast including his prisoner / mother figure blind al and weasel who’s a friend information broker and arms dealer for Deadpool.

Deadpool real name is Wade Wilson. He was born a normal person to a highly dysfunctional family in a little town of Ohio. He ran away as a teenager and bounced around the country all the while getting military training from various sources.

He was eventually diagnosed with an incurable cancer at which point and hoping to cure himself he volunteered for a subset of the Weapon X program. That was attempting to give a human Wolverines healing factor, the experiment ended up accelerating his cancer leaving his whole body horribly disfigured making his scan look very similar of Freddy Krueger, he also became severely mentally

Thinking it was a failed experiment that facility sent him to a hospice with other failed experiments from the program while there the other prisoners will take a pool called a Dead Pool as to how long each subject would live.

Wade was eventually sentenced to death after breaking hospice rules by killing his friend worm who he only killed out of kindness to put him out of his misery as he was just lobotomized, so they tried to kill way by ticking his heart out but his newfound healing powers kicked in.

He then escaped and ironically chose to call himself Deadpool. Deadpool is pretty much the perfect mixture of the Punisher and Spider-Man as he’s an antihero and doesn’t mind killing just like the Punisher and is always wisecracking and joking around just like Spider-Man but even more so than Spider-Man.

Which is how he got his nicknames on Merc with a mouth because he doesn’t shut up especially while biting someone.

He’s also a master of breaking the fourth wall always talking to us readers Deadpool is self-aware he’s in a comic book.

As for Deadpool powers and abilities he has an accelerated healing factor just like Wolverine which is actually probably better than Wolverine, so he can regenerate any destroyed tissue at a superhuman rate so any gunshot, stab wound or his intestines falling out would just heal even his head getting chopped off but heal as long as his head is reunited with his body.

He’s also immune to any and all known diseases. Besides being invulnerable to basically all types of physical harm due to his healing factor he can also teleport using tech from his friend weasel and is one of the best assassins and mercenaries in all of comic books.

But Deadpool isn’t all about fighting, smart remarks, guns. He does have a romantic side to him Deadpool formed a romantic relationship with the cosmic entity death who regarded him as a kindred spirit Deadpool is depicted having a humorous exchange with the entity in the self-titled annual Deadpool and death.

Deadpool becomes infatuated with death after he has a number of near-death experiences and
starts trying to kill himself to join death.

Flash forward a little ways during the funeral for a freak storyline death appears to reciprocate the feeling but a jealous Thanos prevents Deadpool from dying and joining the entity and curses Deadpool with immortality, so yeah Deadpool is in love with death literally.

Deadpool also actually has a Deadpool family who all originated from an alternate reality and not the main Marvel reality earth-616. You have lady pool or Wanda Wilson from Earth 30:10 who out of a need to belong and feel wanted she joined the side of a group called the rebels fighting against loyalists in the United States.

There’s kit pool or little Wade Wilson who was born on earth 1033 zero and alternate reality where he was the newest boy accepted into the Xavier orphanage for troubled boys.

There’s also a Deadpool dog called you guessed it dog pool who is created on earth 103 173 in a process similar to the Weapon X program and finally you have head Poole who’s from Earth 2149 another universe where all the Marvel heroes were transformed into zombies.

Dead pool did once have a body but he lost it in battle eventually though all the dead pools from different universes would unite and form the Deadpool Corps.

How powerful is Deadpool?

Is Deadpool Marvel or DC
Image – Marvel Comics

As for raw strength he’s not by any means on par with the likes of Hulk or Thor but he has been stated to be able to lift two tons in the Marvel Handbook.

In fact when he was disguised as spider-man he was able to move around a flying helicopter with his webbing even if he did say his muscles were literally exploding while doing so.

Again he doesn’t have many feats of sheer strength as that’s not what Deadpool is all about although he did once throw Goliath at Hercules like he was a rag doll.

His main attributes are incredible durability and high-level fighting skills. Now I’m gonna assume that none of you have ever strangled someone at least I hope not, but I think as morbid as it might be it’s not exactly an effortless or easy thing to strangle someone with your bare hands.

Deadpool however did it with just two fingers his index finger and his thumb that’s both intense and impressive.

Also crossbones is known as one of the most ruthless mercenaries in the Marvel Universe. but Deadpool easily beat him senseless even more impressive than that is when Deadpool Khao
taskmaster with a single punch he literally made him cease the horse.

This is incredibly impressive because taskmaster is one of the best fighters in Marvel as he can mimic the fighting style of any character. Clearly that didn’t help when fighting Deadpool though.

On another occasion the Merc with the mouth casually caught a punch thrown by Wolverine and then pulled his gun out on the Weapon X members while still holding Wolverines fist.

Then there’s a time gambit paid off Deadpool just so he didn’t have to fight him sure gambit was extremely tired after a previous fight, but either way you know someone is deadly if you’re paying them off so you don’t have to fight them.

Besides being a complete badass at one of the best assassins in comics Deadpool’s real strength comes from his incredible durability I mean the guy has one of the top five healing factors in all of comic books on top of being granted immortality by Thanos.

Deadpool can survive explosions strong enough to destroy entire dams magical blasts also don’t affect him.

His friend weasel also said that nothing short of a nuke would take him down but guess what weasel was wrong because he later regenerated from a nuclear explosion.

Powers And Abilities of Deadpool

Is Deadpool Marvel or DC
Image – Marvel Comics

10. Super Strength

Is Deadpool super-strong or not I mean he has a healing factor but that doesn’t mean it should
automatically have superhuman strength right.

Marvel and Wikipedia gives conflicting views Wikipedia states although in earlier years he was
originally portrayed as having superhuman strength he’s no longer depicted as having disability.

In the powers section of Deadpool’s profile on the Marvel site it states that his natural strength agility and reflexes have been enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural limits of the human body.

9. Incessant chattering

Well you might not believe that Deadpool’s incessant chattering is a superpower until you find out he broke Galactus with it.

Deadpool’s inability to shut up has worn down many different enemies making them weak and distracted whatever your opinion there’s definitely a method to Deadpool’s madness.

8. Endurance

Due to the presence of his superhuman healing ability many of Deadpool’s natural physical attributes have been enhanced.

Deadpool muscles regenerates considerably less fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human being, granting him superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities.

His natural strength agility and reflexes have been enhanced levels that are beyond the natural limits of the human body.

7. Super Agility

Again fans are divided over whether Deadpool has super agility or not. While judging by the way he spins and flips in the movies one would assume he does.

However some claim that he simply has peak human conditioning like Batman or Captain America and that normal human could perform his acrobatics.

Also some of the leaps he performs in the comics appeared to go way beyond peak human limits.

6. Swords

Deadpool’s an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant and is skilled in multiple unarmed combat techniques. In addition to this he’s highly skilled with bladed weapons frequently carrying two katanas strapped to his back.

Sometimes claimed that Deadpool is the jack of-all-trades and that his sword fighting skills are average well I tell those fans to check out Deadpool Against The Secret Avengers during civil war and is insane fights with taskmaster in the comics.

5. Guns

Deadpool’s a master of many assassination techniques and is an excellent marksman. The movie Deadpool has shown us that his aim is deadly accurate even when performing slips and if you want evidence from the comics check out x-force vol 3 issue 14.

But is his aim as good as Deadshot from DC.

4. Telepathic Immunity

I bet you didn’t know that Deadpool is immune to telepath see that crazy mind of his once again
has its advantages.

Deadpool’s healing factor causes his brain cells to be in a constant state of flux and regeneration
rendering him immune to psychics such as Professor X and Emma Frost.

The marvel universe is filled with Minds readers and mind controllers not even the most powerful can follow the twisted contours and corridors of Wade’s brain trying to do so is not recommended you’ll probably end up as insane as he is.

3. Healing Factor

Yay healing factor the one everyone knows about already but let’s go into detail.

Deadpool possesses a superhuman healing factor as a result of his cancer treatments during the Weapon X program.

Wade was essentially tortured at the hands of Ajax and doctor Killebrew until his mutant powers kicked in. The healing factor allows him to regenerate damaged areas of the cellular structure at a rate far greater than an ordinary human.

As such he can regrow severed limbs or vital organs the speed at which this healing factor works varies in direct proportion to the severity of the damage Deadpool suffers.

This healing factor also affords Deadpool of virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs as
well as an enhanced resistance to disease and an extended lifespan.

2. Immortality

Deadpool has on occasion flirted with the actual personification of death itself. It would be easy to claim that Deadpool was hallucinating if it weren’t for the fact that Thanos can also see her all too well.

You see Thanos was jealous of Deadpool relationship with mistress death so he cursed wave with immortality making the healing factor kind of redundant since Deadpool and Thanos film rights are still owned by two different companies.

This love triangle is unlikely to come up on the big screen but it still qualifies as a power of sorts. Death is definitely a good entity to have on your side, she’s largely Deadpool to cosmic threats and granted them the occasional favor.

1. Fourth Wall Breaking

Well the fourth wall breaking doesn’t seem like a superpower at first until you realize Deadpool is essentially sending communications across the multiverse.

Weaknesses of Deadpool

Is Deadpool Marvel or DC
Image – Marvel Comics

Despite his superhuman powers deadpool does have his weaknesses.

10. The Thanos Curse

Deadpool’s no stranger to dying. During his days as a lab rats as part of the Weapon X program, who would slip in and out of consciousness and bounce between life and death, while Ajax and dr. Atul brew attempted to kick-start his mutant powers.

During this torturous experience, he would visit the cosmic embodiment of mortality so frequently that he started to develop feelings for her, sparking a relationship between the pair.

But Deadpool wasn’t the only candidate competing for the attention of Mistress Death.

Thanos was also obsessed with her, going so far as to use the Infinity Gems to harvest billions of souls just for her, but to no avail.

When he witnessed the bond between Deadpool and Mistress Death, he became jealous and cursed Deadpool with immortality, with the help of the sorcerer T-Ray.

Well immortality is hardly a weakness you might say…but in the mini-series Deadpool Vs. Thanos, the curse of eternal life given to Deadpool would be lifted, once again making him capable of dying, if his injuries became too severe.

Like being impaled on a tree branch?


Deadpool is hardly known for his good looks. He’s been described as “Ryan Reynolds mixed with a Shar-Pei;” and a “testicle with teeth.” As we all know, his scars are a result of the Weapon X program.

Ajax and Killebrew effectively cured Deadpool’s life threatening cancer, but at the cost of him looking like Freddy Krueger for the rest of his life. And Deadpool is not too happy about it either.

Although he tries to stay upbeat and humorous about his haunting appearance, deep down he is self-conscious about it, as evidenced by the fact that he stayed hidden from his girlfriend Vanessa for a long time, and if you push his buttons just right, the fact that he’s sensitive about his looks could be used against him.


A lingering topic in the Deadpool comics has always been the hero’s untreated mental illness. His ADHD, schizophrenia and depression lie just beneath his funny exterior, like most comedians.

The evidence of his mental breakdown can be seen through his hallucinations and memory problems, but the worst of it are his violent outbursts, where he goes on rampages that end with bodies piled up.

Due to his mental instability, it’s been nearly impossible to know much about the man Wade Wilson outside of his hero persona.

His personality is just way too erratic to accurately guess his feelings or motives at any given point. And once again, his unpredictable and easily distractible nature could be used against him.


Deadpool may be a bad-ass assassin, but we know deep down he has a soft gooey centre.

Although Deadpool claims he can’t remember all the details, it seems certain that he had a tough childhood and suffered abuse at the hands of his parents, and it’s likely that this experience has caused him to become protective of children.

On many occasions, Wade can be seen going out of his way to save children, and at times, he’s even been a shoulder to cry on Another reason for Deadpool’s fondness of children could be the fact that he has one himself, a daughter to be precise, the fruits of his affair with Carmelita Camacho.

After learning of Ellie’s existence, he protected her from the terrorist group ULTIMATUM. Eventually, he was able to rescue her and she was adopted by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Emily Preston following her mother’s death.


When Deadpool mentioned “chimichangas” most non-US people were probably wondering what the hell they are.

Well it is a deep-fried dish popular in the southern U.S. and Mexico, and while it’s a great addition to Deadpool’s catchphrases, you may be surprised to know that Deadpool is actually not that partial to the dish…he just likes saying the word….chimichangas… Apparently he prefers pancakes and tacos.

In fact Deadpool likes food so much, that he over-eats on a regular basis. In Night of the Living Deadpool, Wade wakes up to a world over-run by zombies after slipping into a self-induced food coma inside a Mexican restaurant.

The leftovers on his plate are chimichangas, you know that food he claims he doesn’t like that much?

Well one thing is certain, his weakness for chimichangas can definitely be used against him….


Deadpool has always been a bit of a ladies man. In the movie, we witness the romance blossom
between him and prostitute Vanessa Carysle, aka copycat, played by the sultry Morena Baccarin.

Most fans will remember the tender moment between the two at the end as “Careless Whisper” played in the background.

But one fact that might surprise you is that Deadpool is supposed to be pansexual, according to writer Fabian Nicieza, who described the character as the “epitome of inclusive” when it comes to his sexuality.

Is unclear how fans would react to a gay Deadpool, even if it is for comedic effect, but it’s something you might witness in the future.

Hey don’t bite my head, I’m just the messenger. Well anyway, apart from Copycat, other notable women who have been romantic interests of Deadpool include Siryn, Death, his ex-wife Mercedes, and Carmelita Camacho.

As a man of many partners, it’s fair to say Wade gets around, and just like the plot of the movie, his romantic interests could be used against him.


Cat videos are basically what kickstarted the Internet, and you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy their company.

Well, maybe Deadpool. Apparently kittens are one of his biggest weaknesses.

In “The Magic of Gracking” a woman showers our hero Deadpool with kittens. He tries brushing them away, but they cling to his arms and effectively render his swords useless.

The assumption is that he cares about the little critters so much he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt them. And even Ryan Reynolds is aware of this.

In celebration of Caturday, he took to his Facebook page to post himself in his superhero gear, surrounded with cats as he tries to hit an intimidating pose. Looks like Ryan and Wade have more in common than we think.

3. Captain America…and Spider-Man

Wade Wilson’s childhood hero was Captain America. They were both subjects of government experimentation, and as a result, Steve Rogers is one of the only Marvel characters to treat Deadpool with respect.

However, while captain America may have a soft spot for Deadpool, the same can’t be said for Spider-Man. The most persistent bromance in comic book history exists in Deadpool’s unfailing pursuit to make Spider-Man his best friend.

Deadpool’s weakness for Spider-Man could definitely be used against him, perhaps by a villain pretending to be Spidey.


Bovinophobia is the fear of cows — yes, it actually exists, and Deadpool suffers from one of the worst cases there is, claiming their death stare is extremely creepy and intimidating.

Deadpool has been quoted as saying cows “scare the shit outta” him because they appear soulless, look at you with evil intent, almost like they’re just waiting for you to make a mistake so they can make their move.

He claims Something so abnormally calm is suspicious, and when you least expect it, that’s when they’ll get you. In addition to this rather unusual phobia, Deadpool has also admitted he’s afraid of clowns, which is another actual phobia, and he’s labelled them “the greatest threat to Earth after Galactus”.

In the Cable & Deadpool storyline, “Enema of the State,” he slaughters a troop of clowns in a “blood-spurting, hanky-hiding-up-your sleeve-big-footed ass-kicking.”

Well judging by the number of creepy clown horror movies out there, he may have a point.


This sword was forged for Wolverine by the Japanese swordsman Muramasa, using a part of the hero’s soul to give the weapon great power.

In a fight against Sabretooth, Logan would use this instrument of death to cut off his enemy’s right arm, eventually decapitating him with it.

So what does this have to do with Deadpool you may ask?

Well Wolverine and Deadpool share a very similar healing factor, and Wolverine claims it’s
the only weapon that can effectively end his life without him respawning in a future issue.

While Deadpool’s carbonadium katanas may be capable of slowing down the healing process, they are nothing in comparison to THE MURAMASA BLADE.

It’s a good thing Deadpool hasn’t encountered it… yet…


1. Why is Deadpool DC and Marvel?

Deadpool connected to the X-Men franchise. which is Marvel asset.

2. Is Deadpool both DC and Marvel?

Deadpool is a Marvel hero, not a DC hero

3. Does Deadpool is a Marvel?

Deadpool is a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

4. Who is the DC version of Deadpool?

Ambush Bug.

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