Is Tony Stark Coming Back After Endgame?

How Tony Stark will return after Avengers endgame. Avengers endgame was a moment full of endings different heroes met their end by the time the final credits rolled and the biggest team to do so was Tony Stark.

However we had up next think that there’s a possibility that he’ll be returning to the Marvel
Cinematic Universe in the future.

Everything up to this point

At this point we assume that you have seen Avengers endgame considering it set the record for the fastest pace to make 2 billion dollars at the box office, this means no spoilers are possible which is why we are prepared to discuss the fact that Tony Stark is currently dead.

He died during the final battle when he stole the Infinity stones from Thanos and used his own Gauntlet to perform his own snap. While he did die he took the entire enemy forces with him including Thanos who was the last to dust. No two ways about it Tony Stark was awesome and was always willing to put himself on the line when the chips were down. This trend started way back in Avengers 1 when he was flying to get rid of the missile by throwing it into the portal that the Chitauri were coming out of.

This trend only continued to grow and he made it clear that if it came down to him or anyone else he’s choosing him, this was partly due to a sacrificial nature, but it was also due to his need to control things since he trusted himself to get the job done more than he trusted anyone else.

This trend had Marvel fans bracing for his death for a very long time, however even suspecting it coming none of us were really ready for his passing, regardless the main question now is what happens going forward now that he’s dead see we think that Tony Stark is going to return at some point after avengers endgame and we do have a few ways that this could actually happen.

Tony Stark was a skrull

Ever since the mid credit scene in spider-man far from home we at up next have been crying skrull, seriously when did they actually arrive, how many of them were dusted, have they been impersonating heroes, all along these are the kinds of questions that have us re watching previous movies over and over.

After all we noticed that Nick Fury was acting weird and spider-man far from home but nobody suspected him being a skrull until that was revealed, so if we could be fooled once then how many times were we actually fooled.

We suspect more than we would like to know about of those possibilities we do suspect that Tony Stark was one of them think about it. Nick Fury who was a skrull somehow had the most powerful AI system in this position all to strictly pass it along to spider-man who is Iron Man’s air apparent. Tony Stark doesn’t trust anyone yet he trusted Fury with this there are only two possibilities for this.

Tony knew that Fury was working with the skrulls in somehow was willing to trust them with all the practicality of unmatched technology, that’s not likely we’d much rather go with the idea that the Tony Stark died was actually a skrull in disguise.

How else would Tony Stark ever be willing to pass along such sensitive technology. Way back in Iron Man 2 he refused to share information about his Iron Man suit because he didn’t trust anyone else to be able to handle it, and that was just an Iron Man suit. Considering Fury’s obvious connection with the skrulls we can believe that Tony created a fail-safe, where Skrulls would be used as decoys thanks to the shape-shifting abilities. During the battle he could have switched them easily.

That all being said we have to acknowledge the other obvious conclusion, anytime Skrulls are involved what if this entire time we’ve been watching the secret invasion happening slowly but surely. If the scrolls are indeed going to turn into the bad guys why not let them be the reason why so many heroes left behind have to mourn the ones who passed. If this is true then we can’t expect Tony Stark to make his return to the MCU sooner rather than later.

It’s all about the multiverse

With the multiverse comes great opportunity to have alternate versions of our young favorite heroes including Iron Man. So first we have to look at one thing and who’s going to make this all possible Doctor Strange himself. If he’s exploring the multiverse in the first place it means that there was more to the one moment that victory against Thanos was achievable.

Chances are he saw far past that victory moment but Tony Stark was still the key according to how Marvel Studios set things up. If Tony is the key and the multiverse needs to happen then it stands to reason that Doctor Strange will be looking for a specific Tony Stark. Perhaps the one that is most like the one that passed away.

In the comic world there is nothing worse than a look-alike that is nothing like the original and we doubt Doctor Strange is in the mood to test that theory, so we’ll just assume he’s looking for the Tony Stark aim and though I’m sure there’s a specific one that he’ll have in mind. That idea does not take into account the powers of astral projection and dimension-hopping.

What if dr. Strange’s multiverse travelling because he’s trying to find the original Tony Stark who is lost in another dimension.

Tony Stark goes AI

Now Tony Stark could return without actually having to return physically yep that’s right. We’re talking about him going AI with his consciousness, this has happened in the comics before and we see two possibilities for how this could play out depending on the route the Marvel Studios truth to go.

Number one is him actually being eat up in disguise and therefore already back. Number two is to serve as a means of introducing Iron Heart to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We know that Edith is a female voice but it’s a system that’s been programmed to be so, if Tony Stark wants to hide out using his consciousness with a female voice well then that’s what he’s going to do, plus he physically can’t be there anymore so it makes sense that want to stay a bit removed while Spiderman tried to grow into his own hero.

In other words he needs spider-man to not need him and all those training wheels that he provides, plus we see that Mysterio was able to use Edith’s pretty well but considering just how awesome this AI system really is we suspect that Edith wasn’t that cooperative with Mysterio compared to spider-man and despite his penchant for tricks Mysterio is not a world level threat by any means so there was no need for any override protocols to be activated.

Now what about Iron Heart, well with a lack of Iron Man and Marvel desire to embrace diversity the timing could not be better to bring in Iron Heart aka RiRi Williams into the MCU. This character was introduced into the comics back in 2016 and she’s a teenage genius who managed to reverse engineer stark Tech to build her own iron suit.

In addition while comic Tony was dead yes him dying seems to be a thing no matter what the medium is, he actually assisted RiRi as an AI version of himself thanks to uploading his consciousness. Now we can’t deny the parallels between Tony building his first suit in the desert and Riri rebuilding hers in the garage.

If going AI is in the future we see Marvel Studios going the Ai route with RiRi aka Iron Heart. RiRi is female african-american and legitimately her own character making her an excellent choice to continue the story tying to the previous characters keep Tony around and satisfy the goals that Marvel Studios has to embrace diversity. To quote the hole we see this as an
absolute win.

Tony Stark as a teenager

We did some digging around and found an interesting possibility and having Tony Stark return. What if it was teen Tony, this is actually an alternate version of Iron Man who went by the name arno stark and was in the comics Ironman 2020. The reason for this name is because the character is actually introduced in 1984 so at the time 2020 seemed like a very long time away.

This ironman was actually a mercenary and in the comics spider-man and the past Ironman. This occurred thanks to the power of time travel which the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already played with making it possible, plus with Doctor Strange playing with the multiverse we have even more reasons for this route to be taken. we think it is way too soon for someone else to play Tony Stark as we know.

However a teenage version could work just fine, plus an alternate version and Tony would be a great way to shake things up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that no one is prepared for. In the comics he did ultimately build a hero route so we could see Iron Man himself suit up once again only with a teenager at the helm this time. It worked for spider-man so why not Tony himself.

With the MCU changing so drastically nothing could really be as big of a change as legitimately de-aging a grown adult superhero. Of all the ideas we have put forth we think that this one has the potential to be the most fun.

Final thoughts

There are so many ways that tony stark can return after Avengers Endgame. Each one is just as likely as the next, now we cannot deny that Marvel may just choose to do away with Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we can’t really see the executives making that decision at least not in a long-term way.

However one way or another there’s going to be an Iron Man in phase 5 we are willing to bet on it, plus there will be an Avengers 5 in the future and we honestly can’t see that happening without an Iron Man, so yeah the hype is real and we’re calling it now.

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