Marvel Studios interested in Henry Cavill Joining the MCU

If the DCEU won’t take him back allegedly Marvel Studios will take Henry Cavill. Because we’re hearing from more and more insiders and one of the big ones involved with dropping plenty of Scoops related to Henry Cavill is saying yeah Marvel Studios definitely wants him joining the MCU and it’s in an extensive role.

Over the last couple of years there’s been plenty of reports of Henry Cavill joining the MCU. There’s been reports that he could be playing Captain Britain. Then there was reports that he would be playing Hyperion and or Century, there was even some reports saying he could do a Multiverse version of a character we’ve already seen we just have no idea.

Again in due time we’ll probably learn something there will either be a pretty substantial leak and a big Outlet like deadline variety or the rap confirming it or they’re just outright gonna announce it to prevent AOE and it’ll be a somewhat big deal to the people that care.

Now the big thing here is more and more over the course of the last I would say a couple of months there’s been this chatter that Henry Cavill has already met with Marvel Studios which nobody can confirm but again meeting on a zoom call who’s going to be able to confirm that right, so maybe he has but the big takeaway.

To me is once you start getting more prominent people specifically people tied in with dropping previous scoops that were correct in relation to Henry Cavill and or Superman and even the Synder cut and some of the happenings and like TV shows like Loki for example where they were right about Jonathan major showing up in things.

To Me This lends it more I guess truth-based acceptance right, does that make sense or viability if you will like there’s something there.

Could Marvel Studios get Henry Cavill sure, are they gonna offer him 10 million dollars like he wants to return as Superman probably not.

But at the same time maybe he’s willing to play ball with them take a lower Payday for the first
appearance or two and then up that in subsequent appearances if they bring him back, sort of that Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans approach where originally both of them were barely paid two hundred thousand dollars for like their first three films, but then a couple million and then upwards of 25 each right so maybe that’s type of deal and if that’s the case I believe it, because I would certainly like to see him in the MCU.

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