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Story And Rating of Mike Hulu Series

Mike is the brand new Hulu series that explores Mike Tyson the first two episodes are now on the platform i have seen the first five is it worth a watch let’s dive into it. Today we are talking mike Hulu sent me the first five episodes of this series do not worry i will not spoil anything we’re gonna dive into the first two and then hit on what is to come and why i feel like you should continue to give this show a chance as it goes but we’re definitely gonna talk about the highs and lows.

So mike explores the dynamic and controversial story behind Mike Tyson the eight episode limited series talks about the tumultuous ups and downs of his boxing career and personal life from being a beloved global athlete to a pariah and back again.

Focusing the lens on Mike Tyson the series examines class in america race in america fame and the power of media misogyny the wealth divide and the promise of the american dream and ultimately our own role in shaping mike’s story. Series stars Trevante Rhodes in the lead role and it is rated tv mature for essentially everything you have sex and nudity a little bit of violence in there not as much boxing some profanity drugs and smoking intense scenes all of those things.

Creators And Directors of Mike Hulu Series

The creators and people behind this series the first being Stephen Rodgers the next being Craig Gillespie both of which were involved with a movie like i tonya craig gillespie just earlier this year pam and tommy something like the finest hours you have a few episodes directed by Tiffany Johnson who did girls room and black monday so a lot of talent involved behind the scenes and it has those standard Craig Gillespie-isms and what do i mean when i say that well we’re breaking the fourth wall off the bat mike is standing in front of an audience talking when he’s a bit older i believe it was in the late 2000s where this was set but he’s going through the big events in his life and as he speaks about them to the audience and to us as an audience we get to see those play out as this story progresses.

Episode One of Mike Hulu Series

We’re kind of focused on his childhood we’re never able to dive deep into what he had to experience but what we are seeing is the ups and downs of what he had to go through specifically and then the peer pressure to do things that maybe he should not have done a bit of a rowdy child right but once his mother is told something about him and again i’m not wanting to dive too deep into these episodes that as he says in the series changed his life as a whole and he didn’t really know what to do about himself now again episode one it kind of flies by so we’re never really able to get into the details also these episodes are only around 25 to 30 minutes long i felt as if this is a series that maybe should have expanded that to the hour mark just because it does kind of feel like a highlight reel as we go throughout the episodes but i found episode one to be fine i was really enjoying the performance from travante rhodes he’s fantastic his childhood the pieces that we are able to get a bit more from that was interesting it was intriguing we get the music playing right we get all of those things to get us amped up and make us feel like we’re watching a rock star coming of age story because that’s really who mike tyson is as a whole even though there are some things about him that we dive into a bit later in this series.

Episodes Two and Three of Mike Hulu Series

When we really start to hit on the boxing now through five episodes the focus is not on his boxing career right it’s all about the personal life of Mike Tyson and while we’re seeing that come to light in the second episode and we get that reveal of his first manager and how that helps set him on the right path for him even though that path starts to become a bit slippery in episode three, that was intriguing and i prefer episode two to episode one because it does start to slow down just a bit more and Trevonte Rhodes is able to give us kind of what we were looking for from Mike Tyson right it still tries to make him feel like a rock star but that starts to come down to earth a bit more in the third episode, because this one is all about his first love showcasing the young love that he has with the character of robin right they get married very quick and being at the young age of i believe it was early 20s that he is in this episode well he’s making some choices and decisions that maybe aren’t the best and you really feel that from the character of robin who again is someone i thought the performance was fine but it’s someone that you don’t really get to see a lot of because at the beginning of the episode he is discovering who robin is and falling in love with her but by the end of the episode we see what happens with that relationship in it it feels like it should have been years that passed but the episode only being 25 minutes it’s just not enough for me and episode three is the one episode of the show thus far and i know you guys haven’t seen it yet where i’m sitting back going is this all it’s going to be is it going to just go through these stories individually as quick as possible because if that’s the case it’s just a disservice to Trevonte Rhodes and his performance and a disservice to all these integral moments in his life.

Episodes Four And Five of Mike Hulu Series

As we move into episode four we get the introduction of Russell Hornsby as Don King and we know the imposing figure that don king is in real life and his love of finding that success and the ups and downs of that relationship with Mike Tyson, Trevante Rhodes finally in this episode gets the opportunity to go a bit more in depth and i believe don king brought a spark to the show that i really appreciated right a pacing again was a problem in four and even in five right but we are slowing down to the point where we’re really starting to dive into the character of mike and the show being named mike right even though i like the style of this series as a whole, i think the filmmaking is good i like the music, i like everything about it other than the fact that it does kind of feel surface level when it shouldn’t because of how complex his life actually is and being a television show this should be your opportunity to be able to dive into this character much more so than you are with mike but once you all get if you last that long to episode four then i have a feeling you’re gonna start getting more out of it and then five i think taking that a step further we start to get into those allegations against mike except we’re not really seeing this episode through mike’s perspective we’re seeing it through her perspective and mike is almost made as a background character in this series instead of what we got in the first four episodes and you know part of me is wanting to see more of this performance because he’s incredible in the show.

Highs and Lows of Mike Hulu Series

I like the different perspective in episode five and episode five is really when the show for me started firing on all cylinders and i said if we get more of that in the next what three episodes then i have a feeling this could end on a high note. again this is as far as i got through episode five but if you’re struggling through the first two episodes and you think it’s moving a bit too quick it does inevitably slow down and i think the introduction of someone like a don king and then what happens in episode five those are the two best episodes so far and that will give you something to look forward to in mike look it’s a well-made show i think Craig Gillespie is a great director i think. All of the various directors involved the showrunner right the cast as a whole a lack of chemistry with characters every now and then and again i just needed more time with some of these situations right it’s such a surface level feeling story when that should not be the case but those nitpicks aside i was at least entertained and it’s an easy watch part of me thinks they should have dropped every episode at once to make it a binge but as you go you’ll be able to knock out an episode really quick and say wow okay let’s see what happens next week.

Final Thoughts and Controversy

Before i give you my score let me know your thoughts down below on mike if you’re watching this series. Mike has a lot going for it the lead performance is incredible and the series features more than a few standout moments the issue here is the pacing and how it skims over integral moments in his life. Thankfully it does settle in later on as of now after five episodes i’m going at 68 with my score but i feel like that could go up to a 70 at the last three episodes keep that same type of quality we were getting from episodes four or five but i would say i checked this show out now i have seen a couple of things online about how mike tyson himself disapproves of this show and this was a very brief glimpse of seeing this on twitter so my idea of watching this show and reviewing it is just giving the series itself a chance not fully judging mike based off of how he’s portrayed in this show. I believe Trevonte Rhodes is a great actor so i wanted to see how he would do in this show and there have been other cases of series that i found to be really enjoyable even though some people did not fully like what they did but i can understand how someone doesn’t want to watch the show because of that but for me i try to watch and review as many things as i can so that’s how i feel about this series as a whole just in case you all had questions but again i didn’t dive too deep into that because i had already watched it and already worked on my notes for this review all right guys that’s enough for me i’ll see you soon.

FAQs for Mike Hulu Series Review

1. Mike Hulu release date

‘Mike’ premieres its first two episodes only on Hulu tomorrow, Thursday, August 25 at 12 a.m.

2. Mike Hulu cast

Mike Tyson—Trevante Rhodes.
Don King—Russell Hornsby.
Cus D’Amato—Harvey Keitel.
Desiree Washington—Li Eubanks.
Robin Givens—Laura Harrier.
Bill Cayton—Kale Browne

3. How many episodes in Mike on Hulu?

8 episode

4. Who plays Mike on Hulu?

Trevante Rhodes

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